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Aluminum Products

We offer a full line of Aluminum accessories that have been designed and perfected by installers for installers. If you don't see a product that is important to you, please let us know. We may have it available or see the need to add it to our product line.

Our Nominal .019 Aluminum Double 6" Soffit is made up of a H28 grade aluminum, which is harder than most, which in turn makes the panel stronger and user friendly. It is available in 21 standard colors, with special colors available upon request.

Our Nominal .019 Aluminum Fascia is available in 4 different sizes, 4", 6", 8" and 10". It is produced with H28 grade aluminum and with a rib system that highly resists oil canning. It has a 1-1/4" hemmed soffit leg which gives you more coverage and a more durable piece.

Our Aluminum J Channel is available in 1/2" and 5/8". It has an extra wide nailing flange for easier install and is hemmed on both edges, creating a safe and durable piece. Our double hemmed 1/2" Aluminum F Channel, with a longer upper leg to create a stop for your soffit, makes it a user-friendly piece with no sharp edges and an easy install for your soffit. The JF Channel eliminates the need for the F Channel and the J Channel on the gable ends of your residential and commercial buildings. It makes for an easier install by using 1 piece vs. 2. In turn, it gives your project a clean and professional look.

Drip Edge:
Our 1-5/8” Drip Edge is produced with H28 grade aluminum with a roll over hem on the kicker. The harder aluminum and the roll over hem make for a strong, durable and user-friendly piece. It is available in many standard colors, and is available in two different sizes of nailing flanges.

Our Freizeboard is a great piece to add value to your next project. It comes in 3 different widths - 4”, 6” and 8”. It is available in a ribbed or smooth profile. It eliminates the need for a 1x, Coil Stock, J Channel and F Channel. It makes for an easy install by using 1 piece vs. 4, which saves you time and money. In turn, it gives curb appeal to your next project.

Window Trim:
The aluminum window trim is available in 2 styles (Flush and Board Effect) and 2 widths. It is available for new construction or replacement applications. Our flush new construction window trim is designed to fit into the J Channel on a new construction window, which gives the window a nice, clean appearance. Our new construction window trims can also be used on windows without a J Channel by placing small pieces of starter strip around the window to hold the inside edge. Our replacement window trims have a 4 ½” return that can be modified on site for your specific application. It is available in our many standard colors. Other colors available upon request.

Trim Coil: 
Our 24” poly alloy trim coil comes in 29 different colors. It is a 3105 alloy with a hardness of H28. We have 49 colors in stock. We also have PVC Trim Coil in 6 colors. Other colors available upon request.

Gutters & Accessories:
Our Nominal .027" Aluminum Rain Gutter Coil is available in 11 3/4" width Mini, 113/4" width and 15" width. We also offer Nominal .027" Aluminum boxed gutters, Nominal .019" Aluminum elbows, Nominal .019" Aluminum offset elbows, Nominal .019" Aluminum downspout, box miters, end caps, strip miters bay miters, joint connectors, slip joint connectors, 5" fascia brackets, roof straps, universal pipe bands, and funnels. We also carry stainless steel screws, caulking, touchup paint, rezist screw, 5" and 6" gutter hangers and 5" and 6" hidden hangers with screw.

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