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ProVia Timberbay Shakes

Timberbay Shake Colors

S6.5 - Single 6.5" Rough-Sawn Shake | D6.5 - Dual 6.5" Rough-Sawn Shake | S9 - Single 9" Staggered Shake | SC - Single 6.5" Scallops

Solid Colors


White | S6.5, D6.5, SC
Linen | S6.5, D6.5
Birchwood | S6.5, D6.5
Antique White | S6.5, D6.5


Sand | S6.5, D6.5, SC
Chateau | S6.5, D6.5
Sandalwood | S6.5, D6.5
Clay | S6.5, D6.5, SC
Prairie | S6.5, D6.5
Alabaster | S6.5, D6.5


Camel | S6.5, D6.5
Stone | S6.5, D6.5
Canyon | S6.5, D6.5
Mocha | S6.5, D6.5
Pueblo | S6.5, D6.5
Timberline | S6.5, D6.5


Gray | S6.5, D6.5, SC
Pewter | S6.5, D6.5
Everest | S6.5, D6.5
Granite | S6.5, D6.5
Nightfall | S6.5, D6.5


Sienna | S6.5, D6.5
Sage | S6.5, D6.5
Aspen | S6.5, D6.5
Willow | S6.5, D6.5


Premium Blue | S6.5, D6.5
Nautica | S6.5, D6.5
Sea Slate | S6.5, D6.5


Cream | S6.5, D6.5


Mountain Berry | S6.5, D6.5

Blended Colors


Weathered Blend | S6.5, S9
Cedar Blend | S6.5, S9
Traditional Blend | S6.5, S9


Canyon Blend | S6.5, S9

*Colors may vary from actual application due to uncontrollable factors such as lighting and monitor settings.

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