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ProVia Metal Roofing

ProVia Metal Roofing

Design and durability combine for a distinctive roofing solution

The decision to reroof your home is a big step, and choosing the right material is a crucial component of that process.

After all, your roof plays a much larger role than just keeping rain or snow out of your home. The type of roof has a major impact on how you heat and cool your home. And it’s not just your home interior that’s protected: roofing protects as much as 60% of a home’s exterior surface, as well.

So, there’s a lot riding on your decision to replace your roof – and on your choice of roofing materials.

Traditional materials, like asphalt, wood shakes and slate, can present various issues like:

  • Shorter life spans
  • Damage concerns
  • Maintenance issues
  • Disposal problems

Metal Roofs Have the Advantage

Metal roofing from ProVia overcomes all those obstacles and provides significant advantages.

ProVia's distinctive metal shake and slate roofing panels are made of 10% more galvanized steel than competitors use but are still three times lighter than asphalt shingles. Plus, ProVia metal roofs have corrosion resistance and durability built in.

Metal Shake Roofing

ProVia Metal Roofing offers four colors of shake metal roofs in popular shades of gray and brown that offer the best range of roofing color options for a variety of home architecture styles. Click here to see all 4 availble colors in the metal shake roofing line.

Metal Slate Roofing

Drawn from nature, ProVia Metal Roofing offers four attractive colors of slate metal roofs in shades of gray and brown for a rich and authentic accent for your home. Click here to see all 4 availble colors in the metal shake roofing line.

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