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Aluminum Trim Coil

Our 24” poly alloy trim coil comes in over 60 different colors. It is a 3105 alloy with a hardness of H28. We have 49 colors in stock. PVC Trim Coil is available in over 40 different colors. DuraCoil is available in 4 colors.

Poly Trim Coil

Aluminum Poly Trim Coil

PVC Trim Coil

Aluminum PVC Trim Coil


Aluminum DuraCoil Trim Coil

Available Colors

P - Poly Trim Coil | V - PVC Trim Coil | DC - DuraCoil Trim Coil | ALL - Avaiable in all Types

Almond Aluminum
Almond | P, V
Antique White Aluminum
Antique White | P, V
Ash Gray Aluminum
Ash Gray | P
Aspen Aluminum
Aspen | P, V
Birchwood Aluminum
Birchwood | P, V
Black Aluminum
Black | P, V
Black Aluminum
Black/Royal Brown | P
Burgundy Aluminum
Burgundy | P
Burnished Slate Aluminum
Burnished Slate | P
Camel Aluminum
Camel | P, V
Canyon Aluminum
Canyon | P, V
Chateau Aluminum
Chateau | P, V
Clay Aluminum
Clay | P, V
Cream Aluminum
Cream | P, V
Dark Bronze Aluminum
Dark Bronze | P, DC
Deep Brown Aluminum
Deep Brown | P, V
Everest Aluminum
Everest | P, V
Forest Green Aluminum
Forest Green | P, V
Granite Aluminum
Granite | P, V
Grecian Green Aluminum
Grecian Green | P, V
Light Stone Aluminum
Light Stone | P, V
Linen Aluminum
Linen | P, V
Mocha Aluminum
Mocha | P, V
Mountain Berry Aluminum
Mountain Berry | P, V
Musket Brown Aluminum
Musket Brown | P, V
Nautica Aluminum
Nautica | P, V
Ocean Blue Aluminum
Ocean Blue | P
Pewter Aluminum
Pewter | P, V
Premium Blue Aluminum
Premium Blue | P, V
Pueblo Aluminum
Pueblo | P, V
Royal Brown Aluminum
Royal Brown | P, V
Rustic Red Aluminum
Rustic Red | P
Sage Aluminum
Sage | P, V
Sand Aluminum
Sand | P, V
Sandalwood Aluminum
Sandalwood | P, V
Sea Slate Aluminum
Sea Slate | P, V
Sienna Aluminum
Sienna | P, V
Spice Aluminum
Spice | P, V
Sterling Grey Aluminum
Sterling Grey | P, V
Stone Aluminum
Stone | P, V
Terratone Aluminum
Terratone | P
Timberline Aluminum
Timberline | P, V
Tuxedo Gray Aluminum
Tuxedo Gray | P, V
White Aluminum
White | ALL
Willow Aluminum
Willow | P, V

*Colors may vary from actual application due to uncontrollable factors such as lighting and monitor settings.

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